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Der Wowhead Client ist eine kleine Anwendung, die wir benutzen, um unsere Datenbank aktuell zu halten und um dir einige hübsche Extras auf der Website zu bieten! Live PTR. Classic TBC. Gegen die Riesen Koprus der Entweihte Grundkenntnisse der Chemie Vorschau Befehlskette Kann nicht reproduziert werden Jetzt neu testen Keine Wanze Brauche mehr Informationen Es kann der Böseste nicht in Frieden ruhen

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Kommentar von Kaynos Make sure when you fight these guys, to fight them with your back against a wall. Kommentar von Is there a pre-req? Kommentar von Geofram Just tried this, had a lot of problems with them evading.

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Used intimidate to stun. With Sacred Shield I was able to completely negate their damage with only Judgement of Light. The mobs are pretty buggued, rooting them at max range makes them evade. Not enough to evade. Keep your diseases up, heart strike, and death strike when able. Kommentar von chione Soloed as 80 afflic lock, just pulled out vw, health funnel, and dpsed lightly then went all out when vw lost aggro. I have mostly quest and rep blues, one heroic epic, one heroic Naxx epic T7. I didn't even have to heal. Kommentar von solo'd as a Marks hunter, just simply kept swapping sides to attack from and planting a freezing trap when my pet got low on HP - mend pet.

The knock back must have gotten nerfed because its maybe 5 yards that you get punted.


I had a prot pally bud to do this with I'm a frost mage and it was easy as crap. Kommentar von Easy done as a blood DK with frost presence on : just make sure you run through the giant after he knocked you back. Kommentar von Short leash for these mobs is an understatement, had one reset as soon as he kicked me back. Used Divine Plea and Arcane Torrent to keep up my mana usin Seal of Wisdom and judging Light.

verheiratete Fotze Khloe.

Ended up just letting them punt me back and forth along the path in the middle instead of trying to back into a wall. It didnt appear to me Kommentar von Soloable, and pretty easy if you have a partner. Kommentar von Telvannis Easily solo'd as a Lv80 Protection Paladin. Kommentar von Soloed as a 79 Protection Paladin.


Didn't even need bloodlust. Didn't have to pot at all. Dident have to use pots only enraged regeration just make sure to eat between fights. Kommentar von easy to solo at lvl 80 as a prot warrior iv got 21k health unbuffed and just put commanding shout on.

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I'm a BM hunter and just kept my cat healed and used Concussive Shot and Intimidate while staying closer than normal. Was pretty easy. Just ran between his legs every time he kicked me so he was always kicking back towards his leash zone. Beeing bumped, makes them evade sometimes too, try to stay close to them if you're rooting them or put your back near a wall if you choose to burst damage them in solo. Regardless of their level, they are not much to worry about. Kommentar von ChAiNsAwBuTcHeR You can do it solo as a Frost Mage.

Schöne Biatch Charley.

They have a knockback that will throw you back about 20 yards and they will leash very easily; 2 knockbacks in the same direction will often cause it to evade back and drop combat. Kommentar von Alfador Easily soloable as feral druid in dps gear. Kommentare Kommentar von As of build the Pustulant Horrors aren't any stronger than an average elite mob despite their size.

I was taking it easy, so it took a bit :P could probably have been done faster.

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Would be hard for warriors though. You can dps it down till it gets to you run to where he started at and do it agian. No pots, trinkets, feral regen used. Live PTR. Classic TBC. Gegen die Riesen Koprus der Entweihte Grundkenntnisse der Chemie Vorschau Befehlskette Kann nicht reproduziert werden Jetzt neu testen Keine Wanze Brauche mehr Informationen Es kann der Böseste nicht in Frieden ruhen Befreit Euren Geist Wenn man ihn nicht überzeugen kann Das Schattengewölbe Der Herzog Gelegenheit Für Überlegenheit sorgen Jagt es hoch!

Map & guide

Kommentar von kcz If your class can solo elites, you can solo these guys quite easily. Der Wowhead Client ist eine kleine Anwendung, die wir benutzen, um unsere Datenbank aktuell zu halten und um dir einige hübsche Extras auf der Website zu bieten! Kommentar von agelos soloed as a frost mage lvl 79 really easy quest just dont let the giants hit you.

Making these stunnable was a big mistake on Blizzard's part IMO. Far too easy for a 3man quest. Kommentar von Verina Priests, they are NOT immune to shackle. Easily kited by ranged classes, but needs to be done carefully to prevent them evading.

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Their knockback attack will send you flying and you'll land hard taking damage. If you're spec'd for sudden doom, toss out a Death Coil when it procs, save your RP for rune strikes. Kommentar von Syzygy Kommentar von Fedelis As a 78 prot warrior with Just keep shield block up, and stun when it's not up. Don't run to far or the Mob will evade so if it comes to you go back once, if it comes to you again blink trough it.

Just be careful of the knockbacks and blink through them so they don't evade.


Kommentar von chemchris The knockback can knock you off the wall where you will fall to your death. They hit fairly hard. Just self-buffs and Expertise food it's what I happened to have on me. Questgiver is not offering it to me. I just kept charging back whenever the knockback happened, kept my Lacerate stacks up, and worked as intended. Kommentar von They have a super short distance in which you can kite them, estimates to about 60yards. Kommentar von Slaggathor Soloable as BM hunter lvl Kommentar von confirm, soloed by 80 blood dk, opened frost presence, and stand against a wall it's not the hill, it's the sticks on the wall, which some of them are standing ateasy to solo, remember to heal yourself.

Use frost pet for an extra frost nova, use mirror image if needed, for extra dps. Kommentar von ryoohkieevee Soloed as a ret paladin. Kommentar von xabbott If you have your pick go for the ones that are level 81 instead of Solo'd as a level 80 frostfire mage: used blastwave, dragon's breath, wow mirror image. Kommentar von They hit a gegen with 14k armor for about damages. We could both attack the giants, I could mark them and they could see it, I could see the color effects like blue for slowed by mages, but we couldn't die each other, and when they looted, I didn't get any of the money.

Kommentar von undeadcow no problem soloing as a 80 unholy dk. Riesen very easy it has only 60k HP or somethign around that.

Kommentar von Found all over the top of Mord'rethar around 65, 59 and on the Ironwall Dam around 70, They don't melee very hard, but they do have a large knockback and as mentioned in posts, the main problem is how quickly they leash. Hits for about with Demo roar on. When he knocks you back you may want to spin him, or you risk him resetting if he pushes you a few times and you go to far.

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Kommentar von Very soloable as a level 79 feral druid with 22k hp. Use hammer of justice and holy wrath stuns as a chance to heal.

Wunderschöne Schwester Hanna.

Not very easy to kite without them resetting, but as mentioned, any sort of stun or snare works. Try going back to where it was originally standing when you kite, shouldn't evade as much. Overall a pretty darn easy fight.

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They aren't immune to stuns or slowing effects. Kommentar von TauHunt Easily soloed as a BM hunter, even without using my tanking pet.

schönes Mädchen Rory.

Kept pet healed, dps'd down. Kommentar von sushibar Easy solo as 80 Enhance Shaman with mostly quest blues and a few greens. Kommentar von extremely easy as an Arcane Mage -- just run around them in circles while they're slowed Put on all my tank gear and got into frost presence. If the fight were against a comparable 83 elite Kommentar von Azaram This quest is phased; I just helped two people complete it, but I couldn't see them.

Kommentar von Does this q have preq?

Stunner Fotze Clara.

Another thing is make sure to lure the mob your fighting back to the original spawn point cause 2 knockback in a row and the mob will reset back to it's spawn point.